On Line Music

International  Competition

italiano  Rome, Italy


"Modern guitar contest"

category:  contemporary divided into subcategories "little notes" (6 to 12 years of age),
"Young notes" (13 to 17 years of age) and "adults" (ages 18 and older)


1) the competion is online, the samples can submitted in audio-video format for the consideration of the jury; Samples can send exclusively online through "jumbo mail" of www.libero.it or www.wetransfer.com 

2) Subcategory "adults" does not preview age limits.

3) Every participant can optionally concur like instrumentalist soloist and in any other formation.


4)registrations they will have to reach within 30 November 2019

Exclusively through e.mail: info@estroarmonico.it with given following:

  • Surname, name, address, phone, email

  • Place and date of birth

  • Musical certificate or diploma

  • ID copy

  • application form filled in and signed (see point 12 and 13 of the competion rules)

  • Audio-video record of the performance

  • Copy of the paiment receipt (Ask via e-mail)

- Payment for Euro 50 for each participant, on bank account, whose coordinetes will be announced after the submission of the entry form.

5) The esecution of each record will have to have a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum of 20.

6)  The appraisal of the candidates will come expressed with one voting from 1 to 10.

7) ​​will be pubblished on the web page dedicated to the
competition, only the recordings made ​​in good-quality audio and video that have obtained a minimum of artistic score 6/10.

8) The commission reserves the right to do not assign the awards in case a high end technical level will not be reached.




9) They cannot make part of the commission persons who have relationships of relationship or affinity with one or more contenders.


10) They cannot also make some it leave those who they have in existence or they have had in the two previous years didactic relationships private us with one or more contenders.

11) The members of the jury whom they have in action or they have had in the two previous years didactic relationships us publics with or more contenders must abstain participating to the argument and to the voting, such abstention will come mentioned in the report.

12) The candidates over 18 have to send via email a copy of a valid ID and the signed APPLICATION FORM

13) The candiates under 18 have to send via email a copy of a valid ID from their parents and a the signed APPLICATION FORM for minors.

14) The organization will proceed to put online the ranking with a score of each contestant to reach a minimum mark of 6/10.


15) Each Concurrent who However will have achieved a minimum grade of at least 6/10 will have sent online the certificate of participation to the competition.


16)The jury has the right to assign the first prize to mare than one artist, with the following split of the prize itself.


17) In case a minimum number of  8 partecipants will be not reached, the inscription fee will be entirely refound.


18) The prizes will be assigned to the first artist of each category

19) Prizes: for Adults the subcategory 1st place

will receive an electric guitar with amplifier and accessories worth 700

The prize for categories Small Notes and Young Notes will be a certificate of excellence.


20) the Compositions can be both original and not

Committee: Chairman - M° Riccardo Massotti


For more informations please send a e-mail: